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  • Dr Zeinab SabriAlexandria, Egypt Girls College 21 July 1961
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  • drZeinab9Master Degree Graduation 1969
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  • drZeinab11Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, Volunteer Director Girls Camp 1969
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Dr. Sabri was born in Al-Attareen, Alexandria, Egypt on March 18, 1945. Dr. Sabri got married on September 24, 1964 while being an undergraduate student in Engineering to Abdo A. Husseiny who was at that time an Instructor and Teacher Assistant of Electric Instrumentation at the Engineering Physics Division, Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Alexandria. She joined her husband in February 1967, after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree and completing training on Wireless communications for almost a year. She was a US Citizen.

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Dr. Sabri’s Dad was the Late Abdelsalam Sabri, Esq., Attorney at Law, a Graduate of the Faculty of Jurisprudence; Alexandria University. Before going into private practice, he managed the financial and legal affairs of the Estate of Prince Omar Tosson Pasha and worked before that as the Comptroller of the National Railroad Company. He was born on July 14, 1914 in Zefta, Behaira Province, Egypt.

The city of Zefta made history during the British invasion as it was joined by its neighboring city Meit Ghamr, Gharbia Province and announced the formation of the independent Republic of Zefta. Then Republic represented the resistance front against the forging ahead of the British infantry towards Cairo the Capital of Egypt in light of rumors that the Central Government may surrender and to form a Western front that aids the Eastern front lead by General Orabi. The Republic was able to confront the invading troops cause them a lot of damage to their equipment in addition to loss in troops and hold firm for a few months in spite of being sealed off from the rest of the country and shortage of supply.

Dr. Sabri’s Mom was the Late Fatmah Gaafar who graduated from the College of Education, Cairo with major in mathematics and worked in different positions at the Egyptian Ministry of Education including Head Math Teacher in Rasheed (the City of the famous Rosetta stone), Principle of Nabawia Mousa and Director of the Girls College both in Alexandria, Egypt. She was born on March 21, 1919 in Cairo, during the Famous 1919 popular uprising against the British occupation forces in Egypt. The Gaafar clan is believed to spread from Morocco to Egypt.

Family Photo's
  • Parent's WeddingParent's Wedding
  • Before leaving for America
  • Leaving for America
  • Ash St. Ames, Iowa 1973
  • Ames, Iowa 1973
  • With Shaker Ames, Iowa Dec. 1973
  • Chicago, IL 1973 with the Desoukys
  • Chicago, IL 1973 with Magda Desouky
  • Pittsburgh, PA 1973
  • Parent’s and In-laws, Sidi Gaber Railway Station, Egypt 1975
  • Mom, Brothers, Sister Granada Hills, CA October 14, 1977
Parent's Wedding1 Before leaving for America2 Leaving for America3 Ash St. Ames, Iowa 1973
4 Ames, Iowa 1973
5 With Shaker Ames, Iowa Dec. 1973
6 Chicago, IL 1973 with the Desoukys
7 Chicago, IL 1973 with Magda Desouky
8 Pittsburgh, PA 1973
9 Parent’s and In-laws, Sidi Gaber Railway Station, Egypt 1975
10 Mom, Brothers, Sister Granada Hills, CA October 14, 1977
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  • Badlands, ND
  • Colorado 1969
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Wisconsin
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  • New York 1977
  • New York 1977
Badlands, ND
1 Colorado 1969
2 Madison, Wisconsin 
3 Madison, Wisconsin 
4 familyphotos55 familyphotos66 New York 1977
7 New York 1977
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