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Not for Profit Perpetual Corporation

Louisiana, St. John the Baptist Parish

Engaging in any lawful activity for which corporations may be formed under Chapter 2, Title 12 of the LA revised Statutes (Nonprofit Corporations)

To commemorate Dr. Zeinab Sabri with carrying on her legacy and to celebrate the values instilled in her by her parents: Fatma Gaafa and, Abdelsalam Sabri, and the mutual warm affections she shared with her parents in-law: Fahima Sabbah and  Ahmed El-Husseiny who adored her dearly.

Endowments for Science in the fine arts:
Contribute to underfunded cultural, social and refined multimedia art endeavors

Examples: Contribution to funding of TV and radio programs and documentaries that were of interest to Dr. Zeinab Sabri especially those produced by PBS, the Learning Channel without funding from large corporations (e.g. cultural, psychological, social, and medical programs, history, anthropology and other documentaries). Contribution to funding of multimedia recordings (video and/or audio, still pictures and art work) of material that she used to enjoy and like to listen to and watch. Possibly, establish a channel in the name of the Foundation for uploading special recordings.

Endowments for education:
Takes necessary steps to contribute to the advancement of higher education

Examples: Contribution to scholarships, distinguished professorial chairs in fields that were of interest to Dr. Zeinab Sabri, such as nuclear engineering, biochemical engineering, especially for the Alma Matter (University of Wisconsin, University of Alexandria) and for Iowa State University wherein she had tenure as a Professor of Nuclear Engineering.

Community services:
Provide funds for innovative local and National community services that advance the local community or the Nation at large.

Examples: Develop and fund patents of technology geared to community services. Assist organizations, which help support women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and organizations, which helps fund after school activities for children from low income homes.

Funding of R&D:
Provide seed money for scientific and medical research with emphasis on topics in biomedical sciences, biochemical engineering, engineering psychology, plasma torches, radiation effects, application of radioisotopes, nuclear power safety, mine detection and neutralization, and other areas ro which Dr. Zeinab Sabri has contributed, etc.

BIOMEDICAL: Pulmonary aneurism, blood clots, hernia, brain tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson disease, diverticulitis, Nephrology, ICU operation

SAFETY: Clearance of runways, mine fields, unexploded munitions; protection of radiation workers, troops.

INFORMATION: Rapid exchange of information via the Global network.

Funding of projects:
Appropriation of funds for self-sustained small projects that continue to help the impoverished and the destitute as well as people who are deaf of hard of hearing.

Animal and Wild Life Protection:
Protection of wildlife from modern tools of mass destruction such as high rise buildings, housing development in animal and birds territories, wind turbines and aircrafts will include development of tools to warn animals of eminent dangers and to attract them to sanctuaries and contribution to animal shelters. This is in addition to support for prevention and treatment for fatal animal disease such as Feline Leukemia.

Suggestions about other activities from Dr. Sabri’s family, friends and other stakeholders along the lines of her interest and wishes will be added to the mission. Suggestions received by others through the website SUGGESTION BOX will be reviewed for consideration.

Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny
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Christy Erb
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Keith Gillis and Luke Trosclair
Management of Foundation Assets in collaboration with the Treasurer and CFO of the Foundation and Dr. Husseiny
Wealth Solutions, LLC.
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Samuel J. Accardo, Jr.
Accardo Law Firm, LLC
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Money generating non-liquid assets
Real estate
Operation liquid funds

Dr. Zeinab Sabri and Dr. Abdo Husseiny Estate
Contributions from family
Return on investments
Royalties from licensing existing Dr. Zeinab Sabri’s patents or generated by and assigned to the Foundation.

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