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Dr. Sabri earned her Ph.D. in 1972 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a major in Nuclear Engineering and a minor in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering. Her dissertation was on applications of Plasma Torch. She had a M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her B.Sc. in Engineering (Communications) was from Alexandria University, Egypt. She had also a Diploma in Wire and Wireless Communications.

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Dr. Sabri has received numerous athletic, academic, professional and business certificates of recognition and awards including: Certificate of Nationwide Distinction (1955-1956) from the Ministry of Education, Egypt;

Dr. Sabri was Egyptian National Championship in short distance swimming. Her coach and personal trainer was Hassan Abdel-Rehim who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1966 as an Honor Swimmer. The Egyptian marathon swimmer successfully swam across the English Channel (La Manche) four times. He completed the Channel from France to England in 1948, from England to France in 1949, and from France to England in 1950 to win the first Daily Mail Race. He also finished third in the 1951 Daily Mail Race from France to England. World Champion of Long Distance Swimming who broke the record of crossing the English Channel between France and England.

Dr. Sabri was awarded the 2001 Louisiana Business Man/Woman of the Year as member of the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).
She was also nominated for “Republican of Year” in 2002.

Dr. Sabri was awarded the Tibbetts Small Business Award in recognition of her being the very best in SBIR achievement.

She is listed in various Who's Who publications.


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  • Husseiny, Abdo, A.; Abdallah, Omar; Thigpen, F., Bruce; Mahajan, Ajay; Hagstrum, Jonathan, T.; Sabri, Zeinab, A. (Nov., 2010). Method and System for Denying Soaring and Migratory Birds Access to Critical Areas of Airports and Aircrafts. US Patent Application # 12/942,578
  • Abdo Husseiny, Edwin D. Stevens, Zeinab A. Sabri; November 25, 1997. US Patent # 5692,029: Detection Of Concealed Explosives And Contraband
  • Abdo Husseiny, Edwin D. Stevens, Zeinab A. Sabri; February 4, 1997. US Patent # 5600,303: Detection Of Concealed Explosives And Contraband
  • Abdo A. Husseiny; Zeinab A. Sabri; October 5, 1993. US Patent # 5,249,500: Rapid Area Clearance of Explosives
  • Zeinab A. Sabri; June 29, 1993. US Patent # 5,223,661: Rapid Area Clearance of Explosives
  • Abdo A. Husseiny, Zeinab A. Sabri; Aug 25, 1992. US Patent # 5,140,891: Explosive Ordinance Disposal And Mine Neutralization System.

Dr. Sabri is the author of over 100 technical publications and numerous technical reports. Below are selected publications: