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Words about Zeinab by friend, associates and colleagues.

Zeinab was always wonderful to me.

Karen Keating Rylee
Former secretary at TII-VA

God Bless ante Zeinab, Allah is the most Merciful...
She was a great person. I feel that I lost a mother for me.
I cannot forget her support when I was in USA and she gave me at that time an advice of a great mother,
Her great feeling of humanity will not be forgotten by me and others....
God bless Tant Zizi. She is in paradise I am sure and I will pray for her every day Inshaa Allah...

Galal Eldin Nagib Elkilany
MD; Egypt and the Arab Emirates
Son of the Late Dr. Elkilany,
Novelist, writer, physician, friend and colleague in times of most hardship

She was such a very special woman.
You both made such a difference in my life & I loved you both.

Lori Suski
Former Zeinab’s Assistant and Office Manager at TII-VA

Zeinab Sabri was my aunt. I better knew her as Tant Zaza
was one of the kindest and gentlest souls I have ever known.
She was so generous and giving to all those around her and we all loved her very much for that.
Tant Zaza knew how to make us feel special and unique in our own way.
I used to count down the days until I would have the chance to visit her in New Orleans.
Since she left us, I think of her every day.

She always has and always will have a special spot in my heart.
Tant Zaza and Fatima Sabri, a.k.a Tito my grandmother, had several things in common. They both could cook up a storm and make us all feel right at home. What I remember most about Tito was her kindness and determination. When we were younger, she had bilateral knee replacements prior to our arrival for the Christmas break. She was adamant that she would walk and finish her rehabilitation before we arrived. To none of our surprise, she was back home and walking way before we arrived.  I miss her very much, but I am lucky to see a lot of the qualities I loved in her in my dad, Shaker Sabri.

Nessrine Sabri
MD, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Zeinab’s Niece

She was very kind, gracious and fine lady. She treated me as a friend and part of the family.

Heba’s Housekeeper

She was such a bright and gracious presence on the earth. I feel so privileged to have known her.
Someplace in the heavens, you can be sure she is trying to feed some sweet or delicious tidbit to Richard, calling to him in that same beautiful singing voice she always called you, surrounded by all the cats and kittens that she loved and nurtured.
Much love,

Pam Jarka
A friend and wife of the late Richard Jarka, Former Vice President of TII-VA for research

I have the best of memories of times when we spoke together of our lives and you spoke of her. I remember our meetings at your home. I understood how deeply you loved her, how good of a wife she was to you, and how you worried for years about her wellbeing. I know she was proud of you that showed through on the few times I met her Abdo. She seemed to love you very very much. The kindness in her heart shined bright to me. And, love for you was evident. I now will look to the stars with a prayer to God to let her shine bright to you from the heavens. I pray she will meet my soft and gentle Daddy, my sweet Nonnie and my other Italian family. Let's think that my Italian family will cook her pasta which they will enjoy together celebrating life as it once was and is now.

Peace begins with a smile. - Mother Teresa

Terry Jenna
Former VP for marketing at TII-VA and long time friend

I did not know her well, but in the limited time spent in her presence I saw a sweet and kind person, words are insufficient to describe your loss.

Bruce Thigpen
Eminent Technology, Tallahassee, FL
Team member with Dr. Sabri on a US Air Force Project

I remember Zeinab's kindness, warmth and graciousness, and always felt that she cared about me whenever we met. I will miss her very much.

Dr. Jonathan Hagstrum
USGS, Menlo Park, CA,
Team member with Dr. Sabri on a US Air Force Project

She was so kindheartedly and smart lady, well loved and admired, we all miss her very much.
Every time I called her, she was very excited and very caring and wanted to know how me and my family were doing. Your sorrow is shared by everyone who knew her. I will always remember all her help, support, kindness, sweet smile and impact that had in my life.

Dr. Rasool (and Shahin) Kenarangui
Rasool Prof. University of Texas at Arlington,
Dr. Sabri’s Ph.D. student

She was a brilliant person with a beautiful spirit.
She is one of the people I admired and respected most in my life.
I will always remember the many kindnesses she showed me over the year.
I loved her and will miss her very much. With love,

Christy Erb
A close friend,

Zeinab was always warm, loving and gracious and touched many lives and certainly ours.

Dr. Ajay (and Preiti) Mahajan
Associate Dean
Team member with Dr. Sabri on a US Air Force Project

She is still with my thoughts. I know she loved us so much. She felt a strong connection with us that amazes me. I been thinking about it a lot. 

 Kristy Kugler, Corey & Sage Falterman
Kristy was her Assistant at TII-VA

Zeinab was the kindest woman I have ever met

Tommy St. Martin
Pharmacist and Neighbor

Zeinab was a kind loving person an angel to us. She was a sister and best friend to me

Connie Vicknair
Glen, Mel, Gavin & Emily
Wife & Grandchildren of Juicy who supplied us with fresh produce for years

Sacred Heart Memorial
In Memory of Zeinab Sabri

Father Paul
Director of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

I am deeply saddened to learn of Zeinab's passing. She was a great friend and a great team member.

My first meeting with Zeinab resulted from her having been recommended as the person who could correct the serious training deficiencies being experienced at the Waterford 3. She was a delight to work with, and I don't have to tell you that she was immensely successful in accomplishing this very difficult challenge.

Lee V. Maurin, Jr.
Former Vice President Nuclear
Waterford 3, Louisiana Power and Light (currrently, Entergy)

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